Gibas Company Profile

GIBAS - Est. 1959

Our thirst for curiosity often makes one  wonder who is hiding behind the name of a company, a product or a photograph. Each of us has a story to tell, but now let's focus on this one.

Year 1959. In the heart of the Sibillini Mountains, preciously  in Amandola, a small town in the Marche, a young couple opened the first shop of chandeliers.

It was more a workshop than a shop, as one used to call it at the time, and right here, Basilio and Giuseppina decided to give life to their business idea.

The project was taking shape slowly, thanks to the passion that more and more transformed in trade every day, without losing enthusiasm. Basilio was the iron craftsman, he had learned his profession very well taking inspiration in his travels around Italy. Giuseppina however, had the trade in blood.

With the passage of time, the craft of the young couple, transformed from simple craftsmen to real artisans of light. The passion for their work moves so even their children who, since 1985, continue their work.

In 1986, given the entrepreneurial success, the couple decides to dream bigger and builds a manufacturing plant by investing in machinery for the workshop and paint shop.

The sales team is growing and the enthusiasm of the production staff increases, involving the small but active community in their project of making famous the luminous creations.


And 'so Mr G was born.

Today Gibas exports throughout Europe, looking to overseas markets and making so spokesman for the “Made in Italy” in the world.

Since 2016, the third-generation is driving the company with the same enthusiasm and creativity of Basilio and Giuseppina. Their passion drives them to investigate different aspects of light and its immaterial nature, transforming it into refined shapes and using modern technologies. For over 55 years Gibas tells, day after day, his vision of light to people.


Now and then...

Gibas delivers since over fifty years the italian quality in lighting to the national and international market, merging design and tradition, combining technological innovation with artisan creativity. Continuous innovation and quality excellence are the cornerstones on which rotates the search for its own style.

The result is an offer of total accuracy, guaranteed by processing methods that look at the italian manufacturing tradition as a single production reference. The brand today is synonymous for value, movement, provocation, innovation, original combination, is art fused to the everyday icons, a continuous journey in the idea of beauty.